Why listen to a podcast?

Here are some benefits, I’ve found, at listening to podcasts. I hope they help persuade you to listen to the latest episode of Femoir: The Podcast!

1. You can pass time in transit from one place to another whilst being entertained (and therefore keep you from screaming at those around you in other cars and/or on public transit with you)

2. You can pretend to be much more educated than you are (and therefore act better than the other people around you and keep yourself from screaming at their ignorance)

3. You can have something distracting to do while you clean your home or apartment (and therefore keep yourself from screaming at your neighbors for judging the horrible smells that come out of your home)

4. You can be distracted while exercising (and therefore keep yourself from screaming at the skinnier people walking by you, looking down on you because you have an insatiable sweet tooth)

5. You can tell people about great podcasts you listen to, like Femoir (and therefore scream at them when they say they’ve never heard of it)

What’s with all the screaming? Because I’m American. Like the eagle. And eagles are known for their scream, you terrorist.

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