First run in a long time.

I did it. Back in the saddle. Thanks to this blog, I went for a run. I felt like I had to please all the readers.* And I went.

I ran for a whopping twenty minutes. Twenty. 20. It takes me longer to remember how to properly spell the word “twenty” than it did for me to run that long. Yet I was exhausted. I’m so out of running shape it’s not disgusting. Just a few months ago, I could run for two hours. It wasn’t really pleasant and I wouldn’t say it ever got easy, but I certainly could do it. Tonight I looked at my clock seven times in twenty minutes, begging for it to stop.

The worst part of running again after a hiatus is that you still in some weird way consider yourself a runner. But then when you actually run, your body goes through an identity crisis. The first few minutes it’s like “Oh yeah, I remember this! This feels great!” and then moments later, “Holy shit make it stop why are we doing this- I don’t remember how to do this?!?!?!”

Oy. This is going to be a lot harder than I thought.

*So far I have no readers. (wah waaaaaah)

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