I ran.

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t elegant. It wasn’t graceful.

I listened to a podcast rather than music. I wanted to see how it worked. Worked out fine. Mentally, I was a-ok. The weather was pretty. The sun was perfect. There was plenty of shade and the fresh air was refreshing.

Physically… poopfarts. My legs were still sore from doing a mild amount of stairmaster and some squats and lunges yesterday at the gym. And they were yelling at me the whole time.

Immediately afterwards, I was already sore and shaky. I had to take a quick shower, too, because it was so hot that my legs were starting to itch. I was so sweaty I had to peel the sweaty running pants of me.

I ran 30 minutes. I feel pathetic.

But, I had a lunch with my office and I ate a bunch of sweets because… I ran today. That’ll help me lose weight and look awesome… right? RIGHT?

Oh god. We’ve got quite a journey ahead of us here, folks. Climb aboard.

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