There May Be Hope…

…and There Will Be Blood.

Actually, there won’t be any blood. It’s just Oscars day here in LA so everything sounds like a movie. There is hope, though! I just finished my first long run in a VERY long time (almost a month!) and I am happy to report I made it!

Sure, I went very slow. Sure, I stopped to pet a few dogs. Sure, it was six hours later than my race will be. Sure, it was absolutely perfect weather. Sure, I barely felt the difference between running and walking- but the point is I did it! One hour, fifty minutes, babies. Run run run. Fun fun fun.

Now it’s time to celebrate with one last Girl Scout cookie before I start my cleanse tomorrow.

Oh god- as of tomorrow I’ve got to exercise while taking supplements and eating a really strict diet.

Oy to the vey.

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