Waiter reveals he’s actually an actor in between jobs, Los Angeles restaurant patrons absolutely shocked

Jeremy Plowman, a young, handsome man working at a local Applebees shocked local patrons this week with a stunning admission. Plowman is actually a struggling actor, who only works as a waiter to pay bills.

Plowman casually mentioned this statement as he was talking to a patron about the Oscars. The patron, who is still recovering from shock, refused to comment.

Plowman’s manager, Tracey Shorfield, says she had no idea. “I’m as shocked as the rest of you,” Shorfield states. “Since when do actor’s need to work as waiters for income?”

Plowman says he enjoys the flexibility and hours that working as a waiter provide for him, though admits that he feels differently than his waiter counter-parts. “Everyone here at Applebees is really invested and dedicated to the food industry. It feels strange to have a life outside of work.”

For now, Shorfield says she will not discriminate against Plowman because of his pursuits outside the restaurant. “He’s a good worker,” shes says. “Who knows-maybe he’ll finally realize being a waiter is the best job you can ask for and give up that crazy other life. Who knows.”


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