I’ll admit it. I got a late start on the day. That one’s my fault. I’m doing this cleanse and it has my energy a bit lower than normal so I’m trying to rest more than usual. Sure. Fine. That’s fine.

Instead of going to my normal gym at my normal time- early ass morning- I went to another gym near my day job at a later time in the day.

This gym just got a total makeover and looks really pretty. And it’s filled with a bunch of assholes.

That’s because every single treadmill was full (except, of course the out-of-order ones which are plentiful at every one of my gyms…even the completely renovated brand-new ones).

Hey! Great! Lots of people running! Working out! Hoorah! I love when people exercise. I’ve got no problems with that at all.

My problem is, the vast majority of the people hogging the numerous functioning treadmills were walking. Slowly.

I get it. I’m the obnoxious type of person who lives in Southern California and still runs on a treadmill. But I do it because I do weird runs and I like to know my exact pace and have total control over the speed and the elevation and sometimes check my heart rate. Translation = I’m a bit controlling and treadmills allow me that control.

What I never do, however, is walk for a long period of time on a treadmill. I walk during the five minutes of my cooldown after I just kicked my own ass for 40-50 minutes. I live in Southern California. If I wanted a leisurely stroll, I would walk in my beautiful neighborhood.

Besides, if I looked around and saw that every single treadmill was full and I was just walking I would get off the treadmill and let someone else use it because I’m a decent person. Emphasis on the italics.

I’ve got no problem if you can’t run or it’s not your thing. Totally fine. But go outside and get the benefits of the fresh air if all you’re going to do is walk. Or do any number of low impact cardio machines that you’ve got available. And get off the treadmill so those of us who are freaking out about cramming in the last few training runs before their next half marathon can actually use the machine for what it was designed to do.

Lesson learned. I’m done with that gym for now and going back to my much dirtier, much more accommodating gym. Even though we have fewer treadmills, I very rarely see any walking assholes hogging all of them. And I guess I’ll just have to keep getting up early- even if it means more afternoon naps.

I do love a good afternoon nap.

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