Runner’s Smile

Today was an absolutely glorious day for a run. So I took advantage of it. And ran.


It felt so good to get out there and try a very specific run (which I’ll write about later) and just enjoy the feeling of outdoors and freedom and health. (Gross, I know, but true nonetheless)

I was running with a smile pretty much plastered on my face (also in part because I knew it was going to be a short run so I would be back to eat my celebratory ice cream in no time). A few minutes in, I saw a woman running towards me with a smile also plastered on her face. She looked more like a hardcore runner (probably thinking about her pace and not the ice cream that was waiting for her at home) and she was going at a happy clip like me. 

When we were close enough, we looked at each other through our nice, polarized, expensive running sunglasses and exchanged a big smile. When we were close enough, I said “Hi!” and she said “Hi!” right back. It was just a moment, but it was like we were exchanging a secret runner handshake that affirmed this ridiculously repetitive and silly act we were doing is actually a secret to lasting happiness.

At least that’s what I was thinking. I’m sure she thought the same. Probably. Maybe. Surely. Yeah.

Either way, it was a small and awesome exchange. And it put a little extra pep in my step. And made the short but sweet run even sweeter.

(Plus, the post-run ice cream also helped add some sweetness. Did I mention I was thinking of the ice cream the whole time? Because I was. And now you probably are, too. You’re welcome.) 

2 thoughts on “Runner’s Smile

  1. Yes I am thinking about ice cream now 🙂 It is refreshing to read this! I am new to the blog world sorta-kinda and I just started running last summer and have just started back, beginner runner me just couldn’t hack the Michigan cold! Thanks for the refreshing post, I am so ready to run for a drumstick cone now!

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