I’m nailing those rest days.

Training is fun, folks. And you know what else is fun? Life.

You know what’s difficult? Doing both flawlessly.

I have a little under a month before my next race (the La Jolla Half Marathon. Check out the elevation map. Shoot me now…) and I am trying to follow my Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon Training program as best I can.

I am also working hard to pursue my passion as an actor, comedian, writer, and performer.

I am also working hard as a paralegal to pay bills.

I am also working hard to have a life filled with friends and loved ones I can spend quality time with.

Sometimes, all these things come in conflict. A wonderful, joyous, grateful-for-the-opportunity conflict.

As a result, as I look over the past six months of training (for various races), I’ve come to realize, I’m absolutely nailing the rest days. I haven’t missed one yet. As for the other training runs… there are quite a few weeks where I’ve been less than perfect at my training.

But those rest days, man. I’m absolutely nailing them.

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