Why do we run?

To teach ourselves not to quit.

I heard that great quote on the “This is your life” podcast I’ve started listening to. It’s a podcast about platforms and business ventures and inspiration more than anything, but during one part the host started talking about a dad he knew who was running a marathon with his daughter. Around mile 20, she hit a wall and asked her dad, “Why are we doing this again?” And he said “To practice not quitting.”


The point is, I love that concept. Racing does seem like a silly concept. Why are you paying money to get up excruciatingly early just put yourself through immense pain for no particular reason? Why not take yourself on a quick run or walk around your neighborhood at a reasonable hour? What’s the point of it all?

The point is to practice working hard every day for weeks towards a goal, then working hard to push through to see that goal to the end and get the best outcome possible.

That’s the point.

And that’s why I’ll continue to race.

After, of course, this six week break where I’m focusing on lifting. Have I mentioned I’m sore? Because I am. Very, very sore.

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