Courtship, Love, and Lollipops

The next podcast theme is about courtship, friends. Sure, there will be some talk of love and when there’s talk of love there’s often also talk of lollipops because those two things go so hand in hand…

But courtship is not always about love! It’s about the pursuit of something you want. You’re convincing someone that your idea of togetherness is the right one. Is it a job? Is it a love? Is it a hobby? Is it a coach? Is it a mentor? Is it a mentos?

What is it that you’re pursuing constantly? What do you court? Is it on the basketball court? Tennis court? Badmitton court? Do they call it a court?

If you put a court on a ship can that just be considered a courtship?

Can you tell I’m procrastinating actually working on the podcast by writing these questions?

Most importantly, are you all caught up on Femoir: The Podcasts? Did you know this sentence is a link you can click that will take you to all of them?

Are you as annoyed with these questions as I am? Can you help me stop? PLEASE?

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