How I Know I Am Getting Older

Thought Catalog

I hate to admit it, but twenty-eight is creeping up on me in a couple weeks, and I can’t help but be conscious of this black mark on the passage of time. I’m deeply aware real-time aging, in real time no less, all year round, but the month of May is always a particularly sensitive time. Because of my impending birthday, which draws me dangerously close to thirty, the signs of aging have become increasingly heightened.

  • My knees hurt. For no reason. Maybe it’s going to rain?
  • I want to buy multiple tubes of lipstick.
  • In the morning I wake up with weird sleepy creases and wrinkles because I’m losing elasticity in my skin. I probably need to start a daily regime of bathing in Oil of Olay.
  • After meeting with a financial advisor, I diversified my portfolio. I plan on taking my time to work through understanding exactly that means.
  • Working out…

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