iO West Comedy Festival!

The time has arrived friends!

I’ve finally decided on a running order for the iO West Fest (just in time…) and it’ll have lots of improv characters and audience interaction (more than usual because of the nature of the festival). I’m very excited (and apparently very excited about using parenthesis right now…)!!!

So if you’re anywhere in the LA area, get your cute butt down the iO West Loft space on Sunday, June 2 at 10 pm!

And if any of you out there are interested in- or know someone who’s interested in- doing solo shows, I’ll be teaching a workshop about solo shows the following weekend, June 9 from 12-2 in the Del Close Theater as part of the festival as well! The workshop is called “Creating and Producing Your Comedic Solo Show” and will basically be a recap of all I’ve learned in the past 3+ years in my own adventures with Femoir. The workshop is  $30 for that and proceeds go to benefit the Chris Farley House.

So much happening, friends! I’m so excited! HOPE TO SEE YOU SOOOOOOON!

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