Epic Week

Last week, I had an awesome week.

On Monday, I got to do a stand up comedy show at The Outpost in Hollywood. I got eight minutes to myself to try and make people laugh as much as possible. It was not only fun getting to tell my jokes in a comfortable setting, but I made new friends and saw other people I see around a lot and felt like a part of the stand up community.

On Tuesday, I went to an open mic in Hermosa Beach and got to revive a dying audience that was struggling after a slew of terrible comedians. I did okay- and at least brought the energy back in a room.

On Wednesday, I got to enjoy my a full improv marathon day (which I’ve been enjoying every Wednesday for the past month). I went to a long-form workshop at The Groundlings with one of my favorite teachers of all time. My class was super fun and super awesome. Then, I went to my UCB 201 class for three more hours of improv and got to play around with UCB’s beloved “game.” I’m lucky enough to have very talented and fun people in that class, too!

On Thursday, I went to an open mic I was lucky enough to get a slot in at the Hollywood Hotel in the evening. I really like that space and had a pretty decent set with new material. I’ve been doing a lot of new material lately just to try and really find my stand up voice. Afterwards, I went to another open mic at iO West in the late evening with two lovely fellow stand up comedians and got to play to a small but mighty room and had a great time in that space.

On Friday, I had a long-form show with the Groundlings group over at the Groundlings theater in their new G3 space. It was so much fun and the group of people I got to play with were uber talented and the standing-room-only crowd was laughing the entire hour.

On Saturday, I spent the morning prepping for Femoir at the iO West Festival and auditioned for another round of TMI at The Second City Hollywood. It was fun seeing friendly faces and making new friends. I even saw one of my friends from Second City Chicago I had gone through the conservatory program with who lives out here now but I hadn’t seen in forever! It was delightful! Saturday evening, I worked on Femoir at my friend’s house (she agreed to stage manage for me so I could have proper tech at the show on Sunday) and we had a fun time brainstorming ideas.

On Sunday, I went through Femoir with my friend at her house with all the light and sound cues in the new order. Then Sunday evening, I performed Femoir at the LA Improv Comedy Festival at iO West! I got to see a bunch of people I know from comedyland at the festival and had a great group of friends come and support the show (which went magnificently).

I guess what I’m saying is… that was an awesome week.

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