Last week, I was gearing up to do a stand up comedy show at the marvelous Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, California when I ran into none other than the illustrious director of Femoir (the stage shows).

I was excited for a number of reasons.

First of all, I just adore that girl. I think she’s awesome and hilarious and has the best energy on the planet.

Secondly, she’s doing great out here in LA and just booked a bunch of work, which means she’ll stay out here which is great news for me. Not just because I have access to her for creative consulting, but because she’s just a spectacular human being and I like to keep spectacular human beings close.

Thirdly, I was excited to see her because I was just thinking about her on the way to the comedy club and wondered how she was doing and every time I think of someone then they show up, I take it as a good sign from the universe.

Fourthly, I was happy to see her because in January of this year, I had talked to her about how I was starting to do more stand up comedy as another outlet of performance and creativity and- at the time- wasn’t sure how I felt about it. When I started doing it, I wore fake glasses and usually put on red lipstick so that I could get into my “stand up character.” It gave me the confidence I needed to get onstage and start to get over the fear of doing stand up. Eventually, I stopped wearing the lipstick and the glasses and can be myself onstage now. So I got to tell her about that accomplishment (funny enough- she remembered and asked!) and the fact that I had a show at a club for a show was the icing on the cake.

Fifthly, I was happy to see her because I got to meet a couple of her friends, one of whom is also doing a lot of stand up comedy around town. I always love seeing funny women who have background in sketch and improv who do stand up comedy. I can watch them and see how they use their broad skill set to get laughs and get ideas that inspire how I can maximize the use of my own skills in my own sets.

And sixthly, have I mentioned ABD is just awesome? Her energy is fantastic and being around her for even ten minutes lets you soak it in. She gets me totally jazzed and wound up (in the best way). I used to say to people after one rehearsal for Femoir that she could talk jibberish and I’d still choose her as the only person I want to spend that much creative time with. She’s a magnificent person that I completely adore. So I was ecstatic to run into her.

Plus, who doesn’t like running into a friend?

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about that. I just thought I’d take a moment to share a little about the illustrious leader of the Femoir: Live shows and how great she is.

You may carry on with your day now.

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