Normally, creativity is my way of relaxing. After a long day or a rough weekend or a tough conversation, I love to write and be creative. My parents at first worried that I spent all my free time constantly creating. Until they realized that creating was my way of letting off steam. It was my way of coping with the world around me. Writing and performing are how I address my anxiety. They’re how I meditate. They’re how I get in a good headspace. They’re when I feel most useful, most connected to humanity, most alive.

But sometimes, there are outlets I can do that are not creative that also relax me. Like hanging out with dogs.

I love dogs. I love love love them. I’m mildly obsessed. I want to own one. Someday. I would do it now, but I know that I would have to sacrifice a lot of things I’m not willing to sacrifice right now, and it would be more of a hinderance than a help. At the moment.

But once in a while, I get to hang out with dogs that are not my own. I’m doing that right now. I’m dog sitting for a lovely family (who I normally babysit for) who have a wonderfully cuddly adorable sweet dog named Romeo. He’s perfect and cute and sweet and cuddly and did I mention adorable? And he looooooves me. Because I loooooove him. So we just loooooooove each other.

Love bug Kisses attack Little lovie

So this week didn’t start out super “productive.” I haven’t done any open mics since I picked him up on Saturday morning. I don’t plan on hanging out with any friends until he’s back with him family Tuesday night. I’ve tried to take time to write, but I’ve spent a lot of time petting him and telling him how pretty he is. Because seriously. Look at him. He’s so pretty and perfect.

But I have been on a lot of long walks. I have been walking up and down the streets of my neighborhood looking around and smelling things I don’t normally take the time to soak in. I’ve been to the beach to relax and enjoy the company of other dogs and dog-owners. I’ve been woken up by sweet slobbery kisses for the first time since I lived at home and my own dog, Mugsy, used to do it. I’ve been whispering sweet nothings into his ear just to make him feel better like I used to do with my other dog, Snoopy (hence the name… the Snoopy Digest…).

I’ve been relaxing without producing. And I’m a-ok with it.

I will be ready to start up normal life again, of course, but I’m in no rush.

p.s. Did I mention he’s my little shadow and follows me everywhere and is sitting under my desk right now as I type this? Because he is and it’s SO CUTE.

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