Note to self: Let go and be in the moment

Hey self. Good to see ya. How we doing. Great. Glad to hear it.

Just wanted to throw something out there. I know we plan a lot. We’re planners. That’s just how we are. And that’s okay.

But maybe, sometimes, once in a while, we could take a breathe and enjoy the moment?

The other day when we had that stand up show. Sure, it would have been great if we had tried out all our ridiculous (and clearly just HILARIOUS) material. But there were some people there who wanted to interact with you. And let’s be honest, you’re much better at improvisation than you are at stand up at this point.

So maybe, instead of trying to just get a quick laugh from the fun interactive people then completely getting back into your head and trying to “move on” with the show…maybe just breathe in the interactive moment and enjoy it. After all, at a show, you’re the host of the party so why not take time to hang with the guests. Especially if the guests are awesome.

You’re always in a rush. Slow down. Enjoy once in a while.

Alright. That’s enough of that. Get back to work.

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