Narcissism or Pride?

For once, an episode of Femoir: The Podcast is ready in advance. It’s all I can do not to publish it early because I’m really excited about it. It’s the “Special Rap Episode” and is just a compilation of all the rap songs I’ve written for every theme on the podcast ever since I started writing rap for the podcast. There are 14 altogether plus a bonus 15th at the very end!

I’ve listened to it several times. Like…several times. I listen to it instead of other people’s podcasts. I have over 100 podcast episodes I could listen to right now from other sources. I listen to my own reruns on repeat.

That’s so weird.

I guess I just get excited and I like to hear it and it makes me remember what I was thinking when I was writing or recording or editing it. And they’re just entertaining. But since it’s my own work, I can’t decide if I’m just proud of it or if it’s just extremely narcissistic.

When the episode is release on August 28… maybe you could listen yourself and let me know.

Gotta go now. It’s been ten minutes since I listened to the sound of my own voice. Gotta fix it.

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