Protein Brownies!



I’ve got a new obsession.

I have a sweet tooth. No denying it. I’ve tried cutting out sugar altogether and “rebooting my palette.” Nope. doesn’t work for me. I likey the chocolate.

There are only two ways for me to get around my sweets obsession. One is buying chocolate bars with really high % cacao(like 85-90%). It gives me that little chocolate kick without the obsession that makes it impossible for me to stop.

The other option, are these:


They’re brownies. That have tons of protein in them. So you can pretend they’re healthy.

They’re hefty on the calories. I don’t pretend like this is a great idea. I just pretend like it’s not the worst idea.

I get my sweets fix but I’m also full for a long time because of all the protein in them.

So try ’em. I get the chocolatey ones. Because…well, I’m obsessed.


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