Podcast REVAMP!

As promised… Femoir: The Podcast is getting completely revamped. If you’d like to know why exactly you can watch this or listen to this.

The point is, I’ve thought about it and here’s what we’re going to do!

(Warning, if all this is too much and you don’t care… just subscribe on iTunes for free today and periodically refresh. When the podcasts are ready, they’ll show up. And you don’t have to worry your pretty little head about a thing.)

The next three podcasts will continue to be bi-monthly. Wednesday’s podcast will be a ghost story in time for Halloween. Then the two podcasts in November will be excerpts from the book I’m working on for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month!)

Then! Starting in December (because that’s as good a time to start as any!), the podcasts will be weekly!

But, Briana- you’re revamping this entire thing because the podcast was taking up too much time. Won’t doing it weekly mean it takes up more time!?

Thank you for asking! It will actually be more effecient for my schedule because here’s how it will work:

Each month’s podcast will all be related to a certain theme (just like every episode was before). The first episode will be the rap song based on that theme. The second episode will be a story based on that theme. The third episode will be a commercial, beat poem and some jokes related to that theme. And the fourth episode will be a character monologue related to that theme. If there’s a bonus 5th Wednesday in a given month, it’ll be a wildcard episode! Who knows what will happen!

I’ll also probably tie my weekly jokes into the podcasts somehow because I like writing and delivering those… just have to figure out how they fit. Not sure yet. But we’ve got time to figure this out together!

So, basically, rather than have two complete 20 minute episodes bi-monthly based around a theme, now we’re doing a full theme every month and breaking up the episodes into segments. Maybe more people will listen! I don’t know! Maybe not! Maybe I’ll actually have time for it! Who knows!

You never know until you try, friends. Remember that.

Also… there will be more vlogs. So… be on the lookout on your interwebs.


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