Network “work”

Networking in Hollywood is a gross concept. Usually, the people who say they’re “networking” are people you want to throw holy water on and say “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!’

It’s a term that’s been bastardized, but it’s an awesome concept. Because the concept behind it is simple: Make lots of friends.

And I like friends! I like making friends! I like having friends! I enjoy hanging out with my friends! I try to make new ones all the time. If my friends are working on cool projects, I like to support them or be a part of them if possible. When I do cool projects, I like for my friends to be a part of them if possible.

I think it’s neat there are social media sites dedicated to bringing together like-minded people. I’ve started really utilizing a site called Stage 32. It’s dedicated to “networking” with like-minded people in the creative field. That’s pretty awesome. I actually met up with a real life contact because of that site. Not only is he working on a project I’m may be brought on board for (I found out about the audition because he asked me to come… that was easy!) but we’re also probably going to collaborate on some comedic project together in the future. That’s awesome! He’s a new friend in my field interested in doing what I’m doing who I may not have met otherwise. It’s very exciting to me.

I’ve been working on a number of projects with people I meet in strange scenarios. I got talking to a girl at an audition not long ago. We started talking comedy, exchanged numbers, and now we go to open mics together and have filmed a few sketches (and counting) together. She introduced me to other like-minded people who I can work with in the future. We’ve got a little female empowerment team going and I love it. And how did it all start? We got chit chatting outside an audition. (Let it be noted, too, that we were going in for the same role. There’s no reason to see the other people auditioning with you as your “competition” or your “enemy.” We’re all in this together, peeps.)

If you feel like it’s “work” to get yourself out there and “network,” you’re gross. It’s fun to meet new people. It’s awesome to find like-minded communities of people who can help you achieve your dreams and challenge you to push your boundaries. So get out there… and make new friendzzzzz!!!

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