I’ve mentioned it before, but I wrote this webseries called The Other Client List. I’m currently working on producing it with my awesome production partner Arye Rapini.

I’m really excited about the project because it’s a combination of so many things I love: Projects, collaboration, comedy, jokes, silliness, writing, acting, Arye… and FITNESS!

The storyline follows two women who are opening their own fitness studio. Both Arye and I workout daily so when I was thinking up ideas for our series, I thought… well, that’s something that we have in common (that’s more interesting than just ACTING which is what every friggin webseries focuses on anymore…)

Anyway, we’re going to have some fitness elements involved any many of the episodes (obviously). So before we start producing I’m going to work out even harder. Because the creativity is inspiring the fitness and visa versa.

It’s a perfect little symbiosis! HURRAY!

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