Is It Worth It, Y’all?

Missy Elliott would certainly say so…

Tomorrow I’m supposed to put out another Femoir Podcast. I’m behind on the other one… as some of you may have noticed.

I still love creating these podcasts and getting to be on my mic and whatnot. But I can’t decide if it’s worth putting up a “Femoir podcast” that’s just a recording of my novel. It’s not really part of the Femoir world. But right now, nothing is really being produced in Femoir world because I’m concentrating on the novel in my “free” time.

So I can’t decide if it’s worth putting up the podcast, friends. What do you think?

Usually when I have thoughts like this, I call myself out on being lazy and just make myself do it anyway. In this case… I really don’t think it’s worth it.

Maybe we’ll just wait until I have the time and energy to concentrate on what the hell the Femoir: The Podcast is even going to transform into. Once I have time to do that, I’ll happily continue to create them.

But for now, there’s plenty of options to see my face and hear the melodious sounds of my voice on the Cartoon Confessions Vlogs.

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