Podcast Episode 44: Show Notes

We’re back up and running for the new year!

And the podcast is getting a total makeover.

You can listen to Episode 44 for free here.

On this episode, we discuss why Femoir: The Podcast needs to change, what the upcoming months will look like for the podcast, and the most inspiring podcasts right now.  Plus, we talk about modeling lingerie for strangers and having an old Italian man be your produce personal shopper.

Here are links to my favorite podcasts right now (all except one were mentioned in this episode): Risk, Funny Cuz It’s True, You Made It Weird, Monday Morning Podcast, On Being

These were the podcasts that I love to listen to and inspired this total revamp of Femoir.

The upcoming episodes are going to include some stories to make you laugh and some inspiration to keep you positive. Because those are two of my favorite things.

What do you think? Let me know. I’d love to make this interactive.

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