New victim…er…gym boyfriend

the_avengers_and_the_justice_league_by_richrow-d6ger12I found him.

My new victim obsession person to creep out… I mean GYM BOYFRIEND.

I was at the gym during Magic Hour. Because I’m cool like that and have an active social life.

And there he was.  He had the body of Captain America. The charming smiles of Ironman. The perfect hair of Superman. The vocabulary of Thor. The patience of Hulk. The intrigue of Batman.

I wanna be his Wonder Woman.

Sorry. I’ve been watching a lot of superhero stuff lately.

The point is… he was beautiful.

He lifted next to me at one point. We didn’t speak. But anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that’s how it always is with gym true love.

Anyway… it was exciting. I’ll keep you updated.

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