Nothing to Wear

Rule #1 of staying in shape: Keep your laundry clean.0712-cher-horowitz-clueless-closet_fa

I ran out of gym clothes last week. I had nothing left. I wore the backups to my backups. It was bad.

Like I mentioned in a blog post earlier this week, I got a little busy so I wasn’t able to workout. But even in the few moments I could maybe squeeze in a basic routine, I couldn’t do it. Because I was completely out of workout clothes.

It made me feel even more helpless during a time when I was already feeling pretty overwhelmed and helpless.

So I made a little promise to myself that when I finally get down to those last two sports bras (the ones that I hate because I don’t really feel like they provide any support and they’re really uncomfortable), it’s time to do laundry that day. Not to wait until those are used. Because when I wear those, I know I’m desperate for workout clothes.

Or, I could just buy more workout clothes and procrastinate longer. But if you know me and my financial state right now… you know that’s just not very likely to happen.

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