Pinteresting Workouts

pinterest workoutI’ve discovered a cheat sheet for easy workouts. It’s also a website I use to learn how to dress. I’m decent at the workouts but terrible at the dressing.

It’s no great secret. It’s simply Pinterest. I’m not the only one obsessed.

It’s great. You can do searches for anything. It’s amazing and addicting and I love it.

You can find anything you’re looking for. And since I’ve been having to get more creative about my workouts because of my intense schedule and inability to understand personal or physical limitations- it’s been great for me! I can find quick and easy workouts that I upload to a note in my Evernote (because I’m Type-A so everything has to be in a file). Then when I need a quick fix in the morning that’s easy to do in my apartment but will still make me sweat and make me sore, I look through all the options I’ve collected!

Knowing my personality, it will only be a matter of time before I organize these easy-to-read and even-easier-to-follow workouts into specific files based on ease, time, and body part.

But for now it’s just find to find them and collect them all. Like POGS. God I loved my POGS.

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