Easy on the Cologne, Fellas

cologneI go to a douchebaggy gym. It’s not the gym’s fault. It’s just in a pretty douchebaggy location.

Normally, I don’t mind it. For the most part, the douchebags are too busy staring at themselves in the mirror to notice me.

But there is one element about my gym I hate.

Douchebags wear a lot of cologne. And when they sweat, it smells. Strongly. And when a lot of douchebags are in one small location (aka a weight room) and they are all sweating together…it reeks of cologne.

I actually have had to start modifying which gym I go to (because I belong to a huge chain that has several locations all over the city) based on the time of day. I cannot stand to be in my gym between 5-9 pm on a weekday. It’s honestly unbearable.

It’s really just more motivation for continuing to get up early and get my workout in during the wee hours of the morning before all the douchebags have woken up and poured Axe Body Spray on their bodies for the day. The morning can be busy but bearable. And the smell is neutral. Which, it turns out, is important to me.

I literally just shuddered when thinking about how terrible that weight room smells in the evenings. Uggghhhh. The horror.

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