Pants Trick

pants_too_largeAs usual, I put too much on my plate. And as usual, my workouts are suffering as a result.

I don’t foresee a time when I can really get back to the gym at the level I want until after my birthday on August 15 (Happy early birthday? Awww aren’t you sweet! Thank you!). I’ve got a lot of great things happening up until then and I’m gonna have to rest on my laurels and do some quick at-home workouts until then.

So to keep myself from going crazy, I’m going to have to watch my diet more rigorously so I don’t expand like a balloon. And I’m going to do the old pants trick. Where I wear a set of jeans a bunch of times before I wash them. Not because I’m trying to be gross. But because they stretch out. And in stretching, they make me feel skinnier. Like I’ve lost weight. When I know I haven’t… but at least my body thinks it’s still in good shape.

Hooray for poor hygiene!

*If you don’t want to hang out with me until August 16 when I return to regularly scheduled washing of my clothes… I’ll understand. But I’ll still expect a Happy Birthday text on the 15th. 

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