Parking Lot Friends

I’ve gotten into a bit of a routine. It works for me on 80% of the days when I’m on what a could be considered a “regular” schedule. Of course, with my schedule, that only really happens about 30% of the time. And to be fair, I hate 100% of all statistics so I don’t even know why I’m describing it all this way.
parking guy

But basically, I’ve gotten friendly with some of the guys who run the parking lot near the gym by my work that I try and go regularly.

In fact, lots of people have. They’re two of the friendliest guys in Culver City.

One of them calls me “Red hair.” I gather that’s likely because I have red hair. He says, “There she is. Reeeeeeeeed hair! Headed to get her workout on!” and as much as I can be a little hermity weirdo at the gym and don’t always like to make friend with the parking lot people because I’m strangely antisocial sometimes, I’m kinda crazy about these guys. They have a natural charm that unnerves me. One of them always has the biggest smile on. He especially seems to really enjoy talking to people who are coming to and from their car. They always make a point to smile and say, “Hi!” I see them chatting with everyone. They make what could be a mundane job into a really interesting and fun one. They create a sense of community and warmth that makes me look forward to seeing them when I am able to make it to the gym.

In fact, their friendliness is infectious and puts me in a good mood. And that makes me grateful to them. And that makes me feel connected to them. Even though we haven’t said more than a few words to each other. And that’s inspiring. And very cool.

And I like having friends.

And that is all.

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