Tax Day

taxesToday is tax day. This is no fun at all. For really anyone. I wouldn’t even say it’s fun for the IRS because it’s gotta be just as stressful for the getting all this information in (even if it’s with money) because, as they say, mo’ money mo’ problems. Luckily for me, for the past few years, the IRS has been taking big chunks of my money, thereby theoretically giving me less problems.
So… I guess I owe them a big fat THANK you. Emphasis on the angry first syllable of THANK.
 Since Taxes are no fun at all, I thought I’d take a moment to devise a list of 50  things that are much more fun than taxes to remind you of how much delight there is to be had in this world. I hope it helps you get through this tough day:
Ice cream sandwiches
Raccoons (at least Rocket Raccoon)
Not getting a sunburn after spending all day in the sun
Sparkly things
Well-trimmed beards
Blueberry flavored coffee (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it)
Hitting every green light on your way home
Text from someone you have a crush on
Falling in love
Funny shaped poop
Dogs. All dogs. Everywhere. Always.
Cats that act like dogs but then are kinda sweet and cuddle with you when you’re feelin chill.
Hearing a kid laugh at nonsense
People taking silly selfies
A really good conversation you didn’t expect (And when do you ever expect them?)
Meeting someone from a dating website only to find out they’re much cuter in person
Having all the right words ready to call someone out right when you want them
When someone at their mundane job is friendlier to you than they need to be
Puppies. Separate from dogs. Also deserve recognition for awesomeness.
Head scratches.
Uncontrollable laughter.
Autocorrect changing your text to something much funnier than you had
Australian accents
Discovering you like something new
Seeing a dog be carried while on a “walk”
Chai Tea Lattes with Almond Milk
A perfectly flipped omelet
Sweet and salty snacks while Netflix binging
Finding the perfect emoji sentence for your conversation
Splurging today
Saving for something awesome tomorrow
Accidentally getting drunk on good wine
Eavesdropping on a surprisingly interesting conversation
Catching up with an old friend
The free feeling you get after cutting off someone crummy
Watching old men fall asleep while waiting for their wives at the mall
Writing expressively with a really nice fountain pen
Getting a surprising number of “likes” on your social media update
Having such a great time in actual life, you forget to update your social media
Stained glass windows
State Fairs
The first day you start to feel better after you’ve been sick
A new outfit you found at a discount that somehow makes you feel like a million bucks
Really bad karaoke from someone who thinks they’re really good
Calling in sick to play hooky with someone you love
Ridiculously fun etsy finds
Driving with the windows down on a beautiful day
Double rainbows

3 thoughts on “Tax Day

  1. For me (so far… I’m 29) it’s not too bad because they’ve always owed me money rather than the other way around. I don’t file exempt on anything, I don’t want any “surprises,” take as much as you want, plus, I’ve always worked for someone else, so no freelance stuff and the weird tax stuff that comes with that. It’s a matter of actually filing that sucks, ’cause I’m lazy and I don’t wanna… When I get over that, eh…

      1. Filed an extension, hopefully I’m still getting something back…
        I want to build a gaming grade PC (around $1000) making my media cove that much better, priceless.

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