Femoir the Podcast – Season 3, Episode 110: Season Finale

Hi again friends,

We’ve officially reached the end of this latest season of the podcast. These past few months have been an absolute delight (even if my microphone wasn’t always cooperative). In this season finale, we discuss:

Letting go

Working out


Sparking joy (and Marie Kondo) 

How I’ll still be writing plenty of blogs right here on the reg

And my new collaborative and silly podcast, Hear Candy

Basically, it’s a “best of” of some of my favorite topics of discussion and also explains why you have to make space for certain things to enter your life, even if you really enjoy doing other things.

I discuss the upcoming (future, possible, unclear at the moment) next season and what that might be if and when it comes around. I’m comfortable with gray areas and hope you are, too.

I hope you enjoy it. I sure enjoyed creating this season for you and will catch you on all sorts of other internet channels very soon.

Take a listen here. 

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