Ways to Take a Compliment

I wrote this article for the fabulous online magazine Ms. In the Biz.

4 Ways to Take a Compliment.”

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Another Ms. In the Biz Article

I wrote this fun piece for the lovely women over at Ms. In the Biz.

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7 Safe Ways to Amuse Yourself in Traffic

Podcast Show Notes – Episode 49: BREAKDOWN

49- fem pod pic
I nearly had a BREAKDOWN trying to get out the latest podcast on BREAKDOWN!

In this Femoir: The Podcast episode, we talk all about how it feels to be super low. And all the surprising good that can be found there.

I quote the book “Write it Down, Make It Happen” By Henriette Klauser.

Here is the quote from that book I read (that I love)

When everything is falling apart, it is a good sign that everything is about to come together…Chaos often comes close to completion. When you recognize a pattern, you rejoice when everything breaks down; you must be getting close to the finish line.

I also reference the book, “Thank You, Tony Robbins” by Manny Ibay.

I also reference my own novel, “Cartoon Confessions.”

And I reference my web series, “The Other Client List.

I also talk about skin shedding. Incorrectly for snakes (they vary how much they shed species by species) but somehow correctly for humans! Woohoo!

Also, B-Eazy (@BEazyHipHop) drops her new single at the end of the episode called “Over You.”

You can listen to it here: femoir.libsyn.com or subscribe for free on iTunes.

What do you think of this new format, friends? Do you like it? Is there anything in particular you’d like for me to talk about? I love hearing feedback from you. Don’t be a stranger- be a friend!


Ms. In the Biz Article

I love writing for Ms. In the Biz. I think they’re an awesome online community of inspiring women working hard to make their dreams come true.

Here’s a link to my latest article for them. I hope you take the time to read it and peruse other great articles on the site.

Let Go Of These 3 Things…

The Other Client List

As I’ve mentioned on here once or twice, I wrote and am currently co-producing a web series called The Other Client List (you can check us out on Facebook here!)

I’m really excited and proud of this project. We just launched our Indiegogo campaign to try and raise enough funds for the whole 10-episode series. It’s going to be so good. My production partner and co-star is amazing. Our director is incredible. It’s going to be an awesome production and I will make it a reality- come hell or highwater. Let’s hope those don’t come, because it’d be easier to produce in normal external conditions…

I’ve been trying to get the word out. So I wrote an article about the series. The first of many varied articles, vlogs, etc, we’ll be using to help spread the word.

Here’s the article. I hope you enjoy. And I hope you take time to check out and donate to our fundraising page by clicking here.

Taking Hollywood By the Balls

One of the numerous stereotypes of women is that we’re the more “passive” sex. We’re more patient and able to handle whatever the world may give us. We don’t ask for raises, we just accept our pay without question. We let men be the aggressive hunters while we primp ourselves as beautiful prey. And we let men be the funny storytellers while we’re the open and receptive audience.

Sure, these are stereotypes. But they’re stereotypes based in truth. Truth about gender norms and expectations that still ring true in our society.

There are two young women in Hollywood, however, who refuse to fall into any stereotypes. Arye Rapini is a blonde Brazilian dramatic actress who not only nails comedic roles, but also works full-time as a financial advisor. Briana Hansen is a quirky-girl-next-door midwestern comedic actress who not only enjoys constantly creating imaginary people and conversations, but also works full-time as a paralegal.

And “passive” wouldn’t be used in a million years to describe either of these women. Not only do they both workout regularly and maintain strict diet regimens, they spend most of their non-working time on creative pursuits. Any given night of the week or weekend, you can find them out hustling in Hollywood, trying to prove to the gatekeepers that they’re worth letting in the club.

But Arye and Briana got tired of waiting for Hollywood to come to them with the perfect opportunity. So they decided to create their own and pave their own way up the nebulous entertainment ladder. And they did what any two busy working actresses with full-time day jobs would do. They created their own web series.

The Other Client List is a 10-episode web series that is made for the modern viewer. Each episode follows a separate character arc, just like the popular latest season of Arrested Development. Each episode is written for internet content with the quick cutaway joke style that Family Guy made so popular. And they’re modeled after the style of series Netflix has made mainstream. People can watch each episode by itself and be satisfied, but they’re compelled to watch the whole series all at once because each episode ends right at the next one’s beginning.

Plus, there’s even some parts for animals. The internet loves animals!

Not to mention, they’re funny. Both the episodes and the actors involved. Like… really funny. Really. They’re funny. For real.

So next time you’re annoyed with all the stereotypes you see in Hollywood of women, be more like these two aggressive women. Remember, the less energy you use aggregating all the proof of existing stereotypes in popular media, the more energy you save for creating your own projects that shatter them.

Screen shot 2013-12-08 at 2.57.18 PM

Slow down.

I’m a fast person. I walk fast. I talk fast. I move fast. I drive fast.

So when I run, I (of course) like running fast. Duh.

After reading a book called “The Little Red Book of Running” (which I highly recommend- quick read, great information), one of the tips was not to treat every run like it’s a race. Each run you do while training has a goal behind it- and only sometimes is that goal speed. And for most of your long runs leading up to your next race, the goal is not at all speed. In fact, it’s much more beneficial to your training if you just SLOW DOWN.

I’m not pretending I don’t like to take it easy while exercising. I often most certainly do. But, as I said before, I like to go fast fast fast and I don’t like to slow myself down if my body is feeling good enough to go faster.

But, I figured if this book suggests you do it once in a while and my next race is still a month away…so why not just enjoy the 1 hour 45 minute run by going at a very leisurely pace. And that’s just what I did.

I ran slow. I kept repeating to just relax and run slower than normal. Let my pace be calm and relaxed and maybe my mind will follow. And you know what? It did.

About thirty minutes into my run, I started to really take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the world around me. I smiled at the animals and breathed in the fresh air. I should add I have the benefit of living in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in one of the most gorgeous places in the world (Los Angeles, CA). But the gratitude for this life is not lost on me. I love the fact that I can run to the ocean, took time to look at the waves, and took deep breaths of the salt water air. I work hard for this life. I am lucky. And I know it.

As I worried less about my pace and pushing my body to the limit, I was able to really calm my body down. My normally frantic pace (at life) was forcibly slowed down and my normally frantic mind followed suit. I was half listening to a podcast and half immersing myself completely in the running experience.

I felt such zen.

It was so weird.

I even had a woman pass me mid-way through my run. Normally, I would be extremely annoyed by this. You’d better be sprinting if you’re going to pass me. I AM THE ONE WHO PASSES. (I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS.) Instead of being competitive, though, I took a moment to feel the competitive edge rising within me, breathed, and let her go about her merry way without bothering me at all. Her going faster than me in that moment had nothing to do with me or my run. I don’t know anything about her- how far she’s running, what her goals are, what her normal pace is, if she ever races…nothing. What the hell do I care if at this moment on this day in this place, she’s faster than me? Let it go. Let her be.

As a normally fast (and competitive) person, that realization was absolutely liberating. Other people’s journeys are just that- other people’s journeys. They say nothing about what I’m doing, what my goals are, what I happen to be trying to accomplish that day, where I’m heading…nothing. So let it go and let them be.

Towards the end of my slow run, it began to get cloudy and small water droplets were forming in the air. Not really rain, because this is LA after all. But just a thin layer of mist. And rather than thinking, “OH MY GOD IT’S GONNA RAIN AND I’M GONNA BE STUCK IN IT AND IT’S GONNA SUCK AND I WANT TO RUN HOME FAST,” I thought “Huh. Mist. Feels good. It might be nice to get caught in the rain.”


And how can I have it in my head always?

I loved my long, slow run. I learned so much about my body, mind, and spirit. And enjoyed every minute of it.

And tomorrow, I’ll go back to my frantic sprinting.

Zen and the Art of Running

I just started a new book last night called…well if you read the subject of this post, I bet you can gather what it’s called. But if you’re one of those people who skips the big words just to read the fine print, I’ll tell you. The book is called “Zen and the Art of Running.” And so far- it’s really good.

Sure, I’m only one chapter in but they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But they never said anything about judging a book by the first chapter. So consider this book judged- and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s about changing your perspective on running no matter what your experience level or commitment to the sport may be. You can change your perspective to be a better overall runner who enjoys and is invigorated by any length of run using ancient Zen disciplines and attitudes.

I’ve got a long run tomorrow, so let’s hope that I finish the rest of the book tonight so that I actually complete that run successfully.*

*There’s no way I’m finishing that book tonight. Hopefully the second chapter is entitled, “Get off your lazy ass and go for the run so that you don’t hate yourself even more in 14 days when you have to run 13 miles and you’ve barely trained.”

I think that might be too long for a chapter title. That’s why I don’t write books. Only blogs.