BETTER AND WORSE (TV pilot) Multicam Comedy

A young, married Midwestern couple attempt in Chicago attempt to navigate their own normal at the center of a wild, eccentric, and very single group of friends. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER meets FRIENDS


An uptight and logical young woman struggles to find her place in her free-spirited family.  MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE meets BLESS THIS MESS

TRASHCAN JONES (TV pilot) Animated Comedy

Quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft’s Animation Competition 2020

A lighthearted, animated series that follows a semi-superhero vigilante trashcan as he attempts to keep order in the chaos of a post-nuclear apocalyptic world where trash has become human and humans are no longer. AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE meets SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS

MAGIC FUN LAND (TV pilot) Comedy 

When an enthusiastic young woman fulfills a lifelong dream to become a costumed character at a failing past-its prime Midwestern theme park, she quickly discovers that the world behind the scenes isn’t anything like she expected. UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT meets AVENUE 5.

THE DARLA EFFECT: (TV pilot) Streaming Dark Comedy

The dull existence of one woman’s everyday work life is suddenly thrown into chaos as she learns she may actually have the power to affect her external reality in very tangible ways. THE GOOD PLACE meets RUSSIAN DOLL

THE SHIFT LIFE (TV pilot) Multicam Comedy  

When a naive small town woman chases the sparkling big city lights of Omaha, Nebraska with the dream of owning her own restaurant, she ends up working the night shift at a breakfast diner with an eclectic ensemble of employees. CHEERS meets TWO BROKE GIRLS.

THE CULT OF AMY (TV pilot) Lighthearted Drama

When a misanthrope with deep-seeded anger and authority issues goes viral, she accidentally attracts a dedicated following who hang on her every word. She uses her newfound influence to enact petty revenge on people she feels wronged by and slowly grows into the wealthy and power-obsessed authority figure she once hated. LIVING WITH YOURSELF meets THE PATH

EUTHANIZED (TV pilot) Drama Thriller

Top 10% PAGE Awards 2020

After her sister is killed in a random act of violence, a jaded veterinarian seeks vengeance by euthanizing the people she holds responsible and, in doing so, accidentally involves herself in a  dangerous crime syndicate. BREAKING BAD meets DEAD TO ME

THE WEST FILES (TV pilot) SciFi Comedy Western

Two childish deputies become unwitting partners who have to put aside their personal differences in order to protect their mystery-filled small town, which has come under attack by a group of out-of-this-world outlaws. THE X-FILES meets CHUCK

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SECOND WIND (Feature) Action Comedy

Quarterfinalist in ScreenCraft Comedy Competition 2019

When a depressed former wrestling star abducts a billionaire’s eccentric daughter to settle an old score, he learns she’s actually his only remaining superfan. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE meets THE HEAT

EVERYBODY NEEDS A GOOD PLACE TO SIT (Feature) Noir Spoof Absurdist Comedy

This unapologetically silly comedic noir set in LA in 1952 follows Margaret Matthewson as she solves what seems to be a murder mystery case but ends up unraveling into something much more personal than she expected. ANCHORMAN meets BLAZING SADDLES meets DEAD MEN DON’T WEAR PLAID

YOUTOPIA (Feature*** written and verbal pitches available, logline available upon request) Fantastical science fiction dark comedy adventure 

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