Femoir: The Podcast – COMPARISON – Show Notes

It’s another Femoir: The Podcast, friends and here are the show notes for all the things that are chatted about during this episode.

It’s a lot this time, so strap in… here we gocompare!

I mention 123 and me. I meant 23andme. Silly mistake!

I also talk about The Chicago Comedy scene, Wikipedia, and my previous podcast called “GUT.”

Then I mention what my favorite Zen Good/Bad story, Mindy Kaling, a great article by “Thought Catalog” called This is how we date now, my soul buddy Renee.

Then I invent Nude Feeds… naughty! And I make W sounds like “Cool Whip.

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Femoir at The Second City Chicago!


Chicago, IL- Femoir, a solo comedy show written and performed by Briana Hansen, will continue its run at the deMaat Theater at the Second City Chicago Training Center. The show is directed by Second City Mainstage and e.t.c. stage alum, and Jeff Award Winning Actress, Amanda Blake Davis. The show is set up like a traditional Second City sketch revue, filled with wacky characters, memorable sketches, and hilarious audience interaction.

Variations of the show have been produced across the nation for over a year including at Stage Left Theater, at iO West for the Hollywood Fringe Festival, at the Phoenix Theater in Indianapolis, at the ACME Theater in LA for the LA Comedy Festival, at the DC Arts Center, and at the IndyFringe Theater. This variation of the show was created specifically for the exciting homecoming to The Second City.

The first two weeks of the run in the deMaat have been very successful with great audiences who were laughing from start to finish. The show will run three more weeks until April 8 at 9 p.m. at the deMaat Stage. Tickets are $12 general admission, and $10 for students.