My Momma

photo1I adore my momma.

I often say I get the content of my jokes from my father and the style and delivery from my mother.

She is fun-loving, outgoing, organized, intelligent, positive and funny.

She’s a master event planner. She’s excellent at planning every detail of huge events and making sure they’re executed flawlessly. And she doesn’t take credit for any of it. She’ll spend hours making sure every detail and backup plan are in place then thank everyone else for the amount of work they put into making it successful.

She’s generous. She spends hours creating gifts for people that fit their personalities perfectly. If you’re in a bind, she’s the first one there doing everything in her power making sure you’re OK. If she sees something at the mall and it makes her think of you, she will buy it. And then buy you a bunch more stuff so that you don’t just get one gift but an entire large package of things that will make you smile. For no particular reason except that she thought of you.

She’s hard-working. She’s had to work her tookus off for every opportunity in her life and has done so without complaint. She works tirelessly to create the life and world that she wants and maintains a positive attitude and outlook while doing so. Everything I’ve learned about creating and maintaining a proactive positive outlook on life has come from this woman.

She’s remembers everything. And I mean everything. She remembers everyone’s birthdays, anniversary, the tone at which you said that thing in passing that you didn’t even think she was listening to but it turns out she was and now she’s going to ask you about it every time you call…She remembers.

She’s fearless. She was a young woman during a time and culture where people expected you to become little more than a wife and mother, to remain subservient to your husband, and not work outside the home. She worked her way through graduate school and fearlessly took on any “old boys club” that she felt stood in her way. Every endeavor and challenge she takes on she does so with poise and confidence. And sometimes a slight southern twang if she really feels like she needs to make her point clear.

She’s silly. She does goofy dances and makes up voices just to make you giggle.

She’s beautiful. She has a huge, bright, infectious smile and laugh. Anyone near her can feel her warmth. It’s no wonder she has such a large network of friends and family who love and adore her almost as much as I do.

She’s a wonderful mother. My entire life I’ve been showered with warmth and affection. I’ve been shown through example how to be an incredible human being and how to create a great life filled with love and success. I’ve been supported through every decision and told I can do and be anything. Little did she know that when she said “anything” and hoped for “doctor” she ended up with “actress/comedian/creative.”

She’s all of these things and so much more.

Sometimes- at my best- I act just like her.

Oh god. I’m becoming my mother.

Happy Mother’s Day, Momma. You’re the bestest Momma anyone could ever ask for.

Perceptive child points out local man’s flaws to crowded restaurant patrons

Julia Walker is especially proud of her talkative 5-year-old Peter today. Peter, a mere child with limited vocabulary, was brave enough to point out the awful sight of an obese man who’s pants were not covering his entire backside as he sat and ate in a crowded downtown restaurant yesterday.

While Peter plays with a train in the corner, Walker recalls her son’s bravery. “We were all thinking how awful the sight of the top of the man’s hairy backside was, when my little Peter just yelled out ‘Mommy, mommy! That fat guys has an hairy, ugly butt! Look Mommy! I can push my choo choo train all the way down that hairy tunnel!’ Though I pulled him away from the man quickly, I was beaming with pride as the rest of the restaurant looked on.”

Walker is somewhat blunt and bold herself, but has learned over the years that there are many things she wishes she could say that social standards would not look highly upon. So, she has made sure her little Peter always speaks his mind, because, in her mind, children are allowed to be much more honest than adults in most situations.

This is not the first time Peter has been honest and open about pointing out other people’s flaws around him. He and his friends in kindergarten are well-known for always telling the teacher when she does something or looks out of the ordinary. They act as watch-dogs for the class, making sure every day is somewhat similar to the day before and that the teacher gives them some semblance of routine.

Though many people think it may be a phase associated with Peter’s age, his mother hopes it continues throughout his life. “I want to encourage Peter to always speak his mind, even if what he’s saying is unpopular or may hurt someone’s feelings. Sure, it may get him beat up once or twice in high school, but nothing’s cuter than the little rebel in the corner. He’ll get all sorts of girls-and they’ll only be the perfect ones. Anyone with flaws won’t get near him. And that’s what I want for my baby. Perfection.”

When asked what he thought about the whole incident, Peter looked up quickly from his train and simply said, “Your teeth are yellow.” His mother beamed, “See what I mean? You know you need to give up that coffee habit, but it takes someone with the bravery of my little Peter to let you know the rest of us notice, too.”

From the mouth’s of babes.