Mixed feelings on this one.

My friend showed me an awesome blogpost about a guy who takes down some of the most ridiculous fitspiration quotes. I couldn’t find it when I did my standard three seconds of research for this post, but I did find another pretty good one.

Here’s the thing… the critics of fitspiration are right. They can be unrealistic, dumb, and sometimes even dangerous.

But here’s the other thing… I don’t take them all that seriously. There are times when my body wants to stop because it’s used to just being lazy. There are times when I think I’ve hit the limit on something only to push through the plateau and reach a new strength or fitness peak. There are times when I do have to use my mind to talk my body into trying something difficult that it turns out is possible. So, to that end, these posters are absolutely right.

If you go into every workout with a mindset of pushing yourself further than yesterday and doing something you think impossible, you’re going to sail past your fitness goals in no time. Having a little healthy fitspiration picture with a great quote can help you visualize that goal and feel it even stronger. And there is nothing wrong with that.

If, however, you think you’re going to look like the girl in the picture if you go into the weightroom and push really hard without doing any research or listening to your body’s cues at all, you’re going to both hurt yourself and hate yourself for not looking like the picture after a week of working out.

Have realistic expectations for yourself. And if the fitspiration helps your lazy butt get to the gym, put that shit up all over. If it makes you feel bad about yourself because you don’t look like the perfectly photoshopped model who hasn’t had carbs since the 90s, get rid of that shit. But find something else that does inspire you to go.

Like anything else, see it for what it’s worth. If it adds value to your life, keep it. If it makes you feel bad, lose it.

I’m a bit of a sucker for cheesy inspiration, so I tend to love fitspiration pictures. Then again, I also love my chocolate so I accepted long ago I won’t look like the models. But that doesn’t mean I don’t try to get in my best shape by pushing my boundaries on the daily.

Speaking of, I gotta stop typing now and get to the gym. The weights are waiting wondering why the woman isn’t ¬†working out…whoops.

Briana Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I mentally checked out last Wednesday afternoon.

It was my birthday Thursday (“Happy birthday!” Awwe, thank you!), and on Wednesday afternoon, my boss took me and my coworkers to a drink. And I have been a little checked out ever since.

Mostly because tomorrow I go to my hometown to visit my family and friends for a week. Then I go to Austin, Texas for a comedy festival. So I’m on a 10 day hiatus from work and life in LA as of tomorrow. And it comes just on the heels of a great birthday celebration.

I can’t really submit to auditions right now because most of the stuff has auditions while I’m out of town. I can work on my own projects- as always- though my schedule priorities will be spending time with family and friends I don’t get to see often at all.

I appreciate when I get time to be “off” but I’ll admit… it makes me a little wonky. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I end up doing a lot of staring into space or making eye contact with strangers who think I’m passing some sort of judgment on them when really I’m just lost in my own weird mind world.

And my posts are a little all over the place. Just like my mind. As you can see.

We’ve got over 10 days of this wonkiness to get through together people. Prepare the chocolate bars, as they are the only comfort available.