Kia All Star

I have a pretty cool opportunity. I have an opportunity to possibly go interview some major basketball players and legends at the NBA All Star Game this year in New Orleans. I know I normally don’t plug my stuff too much on this blog and try and just deliver loads of fantastic content…but today I’m asking for you to check out this competition.

It’s the last day of voting. The winner gets the all-expenses-paid trip and awesome opportunity. It’s easy to vote. And my video is great and will 99% likely make you laugh (unless you hate to laugh in which case it’ll be much harder so I don’t want to make a promise I can’t fulfill…) Vote for Briana Hansen.

kiallstarEither way, it was a delightful video to make and has been a joy to get this far in the process.

But a trip to Nawlans would be pretty sweet, too.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.


New Gym Boyfriend!?!??!

I need everyone to stay calm. This could be a passing fancy. But I’ve may have a new gym boyfriend.

It’s nothing official yet. It’s just… last week I went a little later than I normally do.  Though there were many people around, my gym boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. Probably already at his job saving lives. Because I imagine he’s in one of those life-saving professions.

So of course I just got in my zone and did my workout. I’m focusing on some new stuff, so I actually had to concentrate more than usual.

Then it happened.

I was doing squats on a squat rack and doing ab work on an incline bench in between my sets. And a guy came up and started using another squat rack near me. And my incline bench was kinda in his way. So I moved it so it would be more out of his way.

And a miracle.

He looked at me, smiled, and said “Thank you.”

So I smiled and looked down. The continued my workout.

The next day, he was in the weight room again. He was doing an exercise near me. We totally made eye contact. He had a glimmer of recognition in that fleeting moment of eye contact that made me realize he recognized me just like I recognized him.

Then! The next Saturday, I was at the gym again and this group of big dudes all hang together and gossip like school girls. And who hangs out with them? The same guy! And get this- he saw me again! We totally made legitimate eye contact.

Now… I don’t want to rush things. I know that relationships like this have to move slowly. And I know I’ve already made an intense emotional commitment to another man I’ve never spoken to at the gym.

But this guy actually makes eye contact with me. My other boyfriend never did that. He said something to me once. My other boyfriend never did that. He works out near me. I always had to creepily workout near my last boyfriend.

I’m not going to be hasty and just end things with my old gym boyfriend because some new guy spoke almost a full sentence to me. I’m not crazy.

Besides, the old gym has finally reopened and I’ll probably be headed back there in the mornings. So there’s a good chance I won’t see this new guy anyway. Plus he works out later in the day during a time I typically can’t get to. We have a lot of things working against us right now. I just don’t know if we’ll make it.

But maybe…just maybe… I’ll see my regular gym boyfriend at my regular gym at my regular time. Then on the weekends, I’ll run into my fling. That’s what I’ll call him. My gym fling.

A girl can only dream.

It’s healthy to date lots of people at once. It’s even more healthy to actually talk to them and have them know who you are. But one step at a time, people. One step at a time.

Briana Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

I mentally checked out last Wednesday afternoon.

It was my birthday Thursday (“Happy birthday!” Awwe, thank you!), and on Wednesday afternoon, my boss took me and my coworkers to a drink. And I have been a little checked out ever since.

Mostly because tomorrow I go to my hometown to visit my family and friends for a week. Then I go to Austin, Texas for a comedy festival. So I’m on a 10 day hiatus from work and life in LA as of tomorrow. And it comes just on the heels of a great birthday celebration.

I can’t really submit to auditions right now because most of the stuff has auditions while I’m out of town. I can work on my own projects- as always- though my schedule priorities will be spending time with family and friends I don’t get to see often at all.

I appreciate when I get time to be “off” but I’ll admit… it makes me a little wonky. I don’t really know what to do with myself. I end up doing a lot of staring into space or making eye contact with strangers who think I’m passing some sort of judgment on them when really I’m just lost in my own weird mind world.

And my posts are a little all over the place. Just like my mind. As you can see.

We’ve got over 10 days of this wonkiness to get through together people. Prepare the chocolate bars, as they are the only comfort available.