My Dearest Gym Bag,

I am so sorry you’ve gone unused the past few days. You’ve come with me every single day this week. You’ve had the same clothes and towel and shoes in you begging to be used. You’ve waited patiently in my trunk for me to stop at the gym so you can shine.

But I’ve been an asshole and haven’t used you since Tuesday.

I’m sorry.

It’s not that I don’t want to, gym bag, it’s just… it’s been a rough week.

I had some other life things going on that made the schedule pretty packed. Then I got a little cold and chose rest over working out. Then… well, I just got busy.

Don’t take it personally gym bag. I haven’t forgotten you there. I see you, sweetheart. I promise to use you very soon.

It’s not you, gym bag. It’s me.

Keep waiting patiently. You’ll be rewarded with being stuffed in a locker then filled with sweaty shirts and towels very soon.

Lots of love,


I will run this race…I think

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I’m attempting to run a race August 18. My third in the “Triple Crown” series in Southern California. When I finish, I get an extra medal for doing all three races. That’s three races, four medals. That’s awesome.

Assuming, of course, I can run the race.

This nasty plantar fasciitis has set me back in my training big time. I haven’t run in a month. I can’t. I’ll run a mile and my foot will start giving out. It’s obnoxious and annoying.

And with this particular injury, you just have to stretch and massage and wait for it to get better. It’s broken and needs to heal. And as long as you push it, it won’t heal.

And it’s driving me nuts.

I’m now less than a month away from this race and I am completely out of cardio shape because cardio requires functioning feet.

I’ve tried other options like biking, which I grossly dislike (see my previous blog post). I can’t handle being on the bike for that long. Plus, it makes my butt and hip flexors feel weird. I don’t like it.

I’ve tried elliptical but my foot flares up a little and it doesn’t seem worth it to cause damage to the part I’m trying to heal just to get a mediocre cardio workout in. Plus, I look like a doofus on that thing.

Sure, I could swim. Theoretically. But you try finding a lane open in a pool near a retirement community. Good luck.

I’ve got a d-day set in my mind. August 1. I’m going to go out for a run on August 1. That’s Thursday.

When I do, I’m gonna try and see if I can get 3 miles in. If I can…I’m gonna attempt to run this race after all.

If I can’t… well, I’ll deal with that when we get there.

D-day comes upon us quickly. Wish me luck.