Spambots Love Me

robotNot to brag, y’all, but one of my posts, Grandpa Fight, is getting TONS of comments. From people all over the world. Who feel the need to tell me they love the content on my site in broken english. And who feel the need to encourage me to check out their site and product that could really make a difference in my life.

At first I was excited about all the comments. But that’s because I’m naive. I don’t always understand something until it’s too obvious and often too late. I started realizing they were all variations of each other. So they’re all spam bots and not real people who liked my posts and commented on my writing.

Alas and alack.

I’ll be honest- if they keep making it through my spam filters, I’m gonna start writing back. Because writing makes me feel good. Even if it’s just to a robot. Who knows, maybe it’ll make a spambot’s day. And maybe they’ll stop spamming and find out what they really want in this life. And they’ll go do it. And the world will be a better place with one more happy robot pursuing their robot dreams.

Or maybe I just want an entertaining distraction. Who knows.


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She hopes that soon, times will change and she can start
because she feels like she’s not exactly being clear all the time right now due to her distract

In conclusion,