I hurted my back.screaming-kid

Just a widdle.

It hurted. I pulled sometin while doing somethin.

It hurts.

I’ve iceded it. I layed on a tennis ball so I could work it out. Still ouchie.

Hopefully time and some serious stretching can make better.

Don’t have money in the piggy bank for a massage right now.

Hurtie. Owie. Ouchie.

Me pathetic and child-like when hurting.


Welp… That Was Embarrassing

I thought my old terrible gym that was being completely remodeled was reopened. I was so excited! Just in time for the new year! I can get back on my old schedule instead of this early bird stuff! I don’t have to fight for parking! So much less stress! Hurrah!

The only reason I thought it was open was because I drove by a couple times and the lights were on and it seemed to be open.

So in my mind, it must be open. I got ready in the morning, put on my gym clothes, grabbed my gym bag, and went to the gym.

When I got there, I was so surprised at how nobody was there yet and there was still so much construction. Rather than thinking, “Oh… maybe it’s not open…” I thought, “Gee! I’m so lucky nobody’s realized it’s opened yet! I’ll get to have it all to myself!”

And when I saw the construction crews still working, I didn’t think “Oh, look, still under construction… maybe not open…” I thought, “Gee, I wonder how that will affect the people clearly working out inside!”

So I walked in and tried to hand my membership card to the lady at the desk. Then and only then did I realize it wasn’t open.

And that’s because she said, “Oh, we’re not open yet.”

I looked around. It was empty. It looks pretty and will be nice when it finally does reopen. So I just said, “Oh… right. That makes sense I guess.”

I could have called. I could have gone online. I could have used my handy dandy app to figure out if it’s ready. There are so many things I could have done to double-check.

Instead I just showed up in all my gear and looked like a doofus.

Oh, well. I guess I’ll call ahead next time to find out when they’re officially reopening.

And even then, I might wait another week just to be safe.

Pics at the Gym

I see people post them all the time. I think they’re dumb. Why did you take time out of your workout in a public space to take an over-posed picture of yourself post-workout?

If you’re a celebrity (ie Hugh Jackman’s recent workout pic), fine. I get it. You get people taking pictures of you constantly. It’s good publicity. You’re used to pictures. And often, you’re working out alone or with a personal trainer.

But if you’re just a douchebag at the gym who wants to show the world how you look after a set of weights… Ugh.

I got a gym to myself last week and in honor of all these douchebags who pose for pictures, I took an overly posed gym pic for your enjoyment: