Land of Pure Imagination

willywonkathechocolatefactoryLast weekend I went to the San Diego Comic Convention. It’s the largest comic convention in the world. It’s overwhelming and ridiculously crowded and so much fun.
I had a delightful time. Not only because it was delightful to see so many of my imaginary friends from comics and books and TV and movies come to life in front of me, but mostly because it was one huge celebration of human imagination.

And I’m an big fan of the imagination.

I have a highly active imagination. I love to play make believe and dress up and create bizarro characters who exist in their own worlds (which I also create). I’m obsessed with the imagination. I became obsessed with improv during and after college because I couldn’t believe people would come watch you play in a world you’re creating on the spot where anything is possible. I nearly had a melt down the first time I did the Universal Studios tram tour because they take you into different worlds of movies and show you how people use their imagination to bring to life imaginary stories that then stimulate other people’s imagination. I’m creating a career based on living my life in the make-believe. I love people who play along and who embrace their imagination. And Comic Con was full of those people. And I loved them for it.

Also there was a lot of free beer. So that was pretty cool too.


This next podcast should actually come out on time because it’s time-sensitive because it’s my birthday and it’s themed BIRTHDAY so I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure it gets out on time even if it means being really sleepy on my birthday because I stayed up too late working on the “BIRTHDAY” podcast but that’s what it’s all about and this is a run on sentence but if you listen to the podcast, that’s how I talk anyway except I talk really enthusiastically so if I were to properly translate that to typing it would be all caps but that would seem like I’m yelling at you when I’m really not I’m just super excited!!!!