Episode 63: Los Angeles – Show Notes!

Another Femoir: The Podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure!LA skyline

This time, we’re talking about the lovely city I currently call home… LA!

I mention some of the amazing entertainment places I get to frequent in this amazing city:

The Groundlings

UCB Theater

The Hollywood Improv

The Second City Hollywood

The Comedy Store

And here is a website that exists because of the intense traffic in LA.

And here is a website that exists because of the intense ticketing procedures in these parts.

And here is an awesome site with just a sliver of what this city has to offer.

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Tell me about your city! I want to hear about it!

Episode 57: Stress! – Show Notes

stressThe latest episode of Femoir: The Podcast is all about STRESS, guys. Spoiler alert: It sucks. And serves you in no positive way. In fact, it’s really harmful!

I tell stories of my own stresses. I talk about Chicago. I mention meditation.

Not much to report otherwise! Let me know what you think, friends!

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Podcast Episode 56: Find the Humor – Show Notes

laughing babyIn this Femoir: The Podcast episode I tell a couple stories about spillage and dumb requests and end it with a “When Life Hands You Lemons…” reference. You don’t want to miss it!

In all seriousness, though, this podcast is all about not being serious. So I guess I just negated what I said when I say in all seriousness.

I’m a firm believer that you can find funny in any situation. I tell some examples of when and how this has applied in my own life, and encourage you to do the same. And I give some reasonings why I think laughter is so important and why you should get on that HaHa Hayride immediately.

Then again… what do I know. I’m just a chick who’s trying to make a living making people laugh.

*I feel legally obligated to tell you I have no idea who that little girl is. I googled “laughing baby” and she was one of the adorable pictures that came up. I liked her pigtails, so she won.

Podcast episode 55: Being Open – Show Notes

photo1 (1)On this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, there’s a lot of discussion of the adventures and pitfalls of being open to the world around you. To your left is a picture of one of my favorite people, Renee Colvert, who I met through just being open to the sillies of this crazy world.

And now, as promised, is a list of ways you can be more open. I promised maybe 10. I’m providing 11. Because I don’t understand limits.



11 Ways to be more Open

1. Say “Hi!” to a stranger

2. Make eye contact with your Barista when you tell them your order

3. Say thank you, [their name] to your cashier.

4. Ask a co-worker how their night was last night. Then actually listen to them without any agenda.

5. Ask someone a question about something they just shared with you. They’ll be shocked you were listening. You’ll be shocked that you’re learning!

6. Compliment a stranger. Click here for some more details on this one.

7. Ask someone you don’t know well to coffee. Accept that it could be uncomfortable. It could also be awesome. You never know. It’s just coffee.

8. Go to that random Facebook event your friend invited you to.

9. Go to a bar, sit by yourself, smile and look around. See what happens.

10. Throw away your to-do list for a day and just say yes to whatever strange things come your way.

11. Uncross your arms when you’re listening to someone. You’ll look and feel more open to whatever they’re saying.

Normally I’d Vlog today…

…but for those of you following the saga that is November 2013 for me, you know that nothing has been ‘normal’ about this month.

I’m not vlogging today mostly because I’ve been vlogging daily for my Cartoon Confessions National Novel Writing Month challenge. So if you’ve missed my face, you’ve got plenty of options to stare at in from many different angles and looks on that page.

And I know I owe you a podcast, friends. I know. It’s on my list. And I want to do it. It’s gonna be segment from Cartoon Confessions. But so far I haven’t recorded it because my voice sounds so low and tired from overuse.

But it’s coming, friends. It’s coming…

Do it for the nuggets

Can I make a confession to you guys? I don’t produce the podcast because I think it’s the funniest thing that’s ever been produced. I don’t do it because I need it to be #1 in the iTunes store. I don’t do it hoping to get thousands of subscribers so I can start attracting sponsors so I can make a little extra cash from it.

I do it because in every single podcast there are lots of nuggets of ideas. Every time there is a character monologue, that’s the start of an idea that can be elaborated on, honed in, explored, edited, and eventually brought to life on stage or onscreen.

The same goes for every sketch I write. It could be a great idea that with the right partner, perspective, and energy to put into editing it- could be really great to make into a visual reality in some way.

The same is true for every little one or two-liner joke I write. They’re not perfect, but they’re the start of a concept I find funny. Maybe there’s something there to explore further when I’m looking over my stand up set and want to have more jokes.

Every story I include is the start of a story I could craft for a new solo show or for a five minute storytelling show like one of my personal faves Funny Cuz It’s True.

Even the headline jokes I write because I love the practice of setup and punchline jokes about current events. It’s a great way to practice for possible writing jobs on late-night talk shows. It’s also just a fun lens through which to view current events.

You get the pattern here. When I sit down to create these Femoir podcasts, I’ve been ruminating a bit on the theme for the past couple weeks, trying to figure out little perspectives or creative ideas I want to further explore. But I’ll be honest, I don’t sit down weeks in advance to plan out the perfect podcast. I don’t re-write or edit or constantly hone in every last detail to make sure it’s perfect. I have an outline, some ideas, and make the time to be creative.

I don’t assume that every time I sit down to spin comedy gold that it comes out even canary yellow. But sometimes there are some strands of gold in my metaphorical string. And if I do a ton of spinning, eventually I can take all the gold strands out, put them together and create a full string of comedy gold.

I’m a firm believer in the philosophy “Leap, and the net will appear.” I can’t get better as a comedic writer or voice-over artist if I don’t practice. There are no stakes or motivation in practicing without a possible audience. So I create the stakes and motivation by putting my work out to the world and letting it sit there, imperfections and all.

The last time I created a new version of the Femoir stage show, I walked into my first rehearsal (with the beautiful and talented Amanda Blake Davis) with an arsenal of ideas in hand. All from this podcast. All from elements I’d documented and already spent some time being creative about in my own head. I was ready. And we created a super fun show in no time at all.

I do this podcast because I love creating. It’s neccessary to my very existence.

But I also do it for the little nuggets that can serve me immensely in the future.

Not to mention, I consider every person who reads these blogs or listens to the podcasts or sees the live show little nuggets, too.

So here’s to you, nuggets. Thanks for the inspiration.

We’re back on, biatches!

After a little break to create a totally new version of the stage show, Femoir will be returning in podcast form with new episodes uploaded every other Wednesday… starting tomorrow!

New sketches, new characters, new formats, new ideas. Yeayer.

Make sure you’re all caught up before the new ones come out: