I live in an apartment with a shared laundry facility. It’s old school. We still use quarters and have hand-written signs above the washer and dryer with instructions. It smells weird and costs too much for a load of laundry. I’m not the biggest fan of doing laundry as a result.

But I have to get over that. Why? Because I workout. And when you workout, you sweat. And those sweaty clothes need to be cleaned because you only have a small number of sweaty clothes available. So you have to clean those clothes. So I suck it up, get my quarters, and do laundry often in the jankity washer and dryer.

I’ve known people who wear the same thing to the gym almost every day. They just hang up the dirty clothes by a window and re-wear them until they’re absolutely unbearable, then they wash them. Yes, these people are men. And, yes, it’s totally gross. They reek when they’re at the gym. I’m not a clean freak, but I have standards for myself.

And, I have to admit, there’s a weird part of me that feels proud that most of my laundry is gym clothes. It means I’ve been productive and sweat a lot. And lots of productivity and sweat means self-improvement. And self-improvement means growth. And growth means change. And change is good.

Speaking of- anybody have any change? I’m out of quarters and have a load of dirty gym clothes that need cleaning.



So I’ve been consistently lifting for about a month now, and I’m surprised at how much I genuinely enjoy it! It makes it a lot easier to come into the weight room knowing exactly what exercises you’ll be doing and how many reps and what weight you previously used and having a plan for the day (I use iFitness app to help me! One of the few apps I’ve paid for and definitely worth the money).

The only problem with all this lifting is that my hands were starting to get rougher than normal. And despite the fact that I do comedy and otherwise want to look pretty jacked, I actually want to maintain some of my lady-like charm. What little of it I have in the first place, that is…

Solution? Gloves! I got gloves! I now wear these little fingerless lifting gloves with fishnet backing when I lift! And not only do they make me look pretty badass, but they help keep my hands from getting all calloused and manly.

If I got calloused hands, the next thing you know I’d be grunting and spraying my spit all over the place like the rest of the animals in the weight room.

I mean men. Not animals. I sometimes get them confused.

To be fair, you would too if you saw what I saw every day… :::shudders:::

Back for more tomorrow!