From Idea to Reality

metaphys 1This week, the first Metaphysical Comedy podcast was published. And I’m really friggin excited.

I’m excited because not only is a fun and interesting show that I think will make a lot of people laugh and be entertained. But I’m also excited because it marks another of those fun journeys from concept to reality that the creative process allows.

I wanted to do an interview-style podcast where, basically, people just told me ghost stories. But then I realized that probably wouldn’t sustain itself and I still wanted to interview people who maybe hadn’t simply had ghost interactions- but just on what they believed. I got an idea for the name, Metaphysical Comedy, wrote it on a post-it note and stuck it to the cork board above my desk where lots of idea reside. Many ideas make it into some form of reality while others sit there in idea purgatory for months and years never seeing the light of day.

But this idea kept nagging.

Then I met Jose. And he and I got along splendidly. And we talked about metaphysical things. And we disagreed on them but in a delightful and entertaining way. And I finally saw how this show would pan out.

He was as enthusiastic and added some great elements and ideas you can see at our website ( has been an awesome partner. We’ve been interviewing people for a couple months whenever our schedules allow. It’s been a delight to talk to friends in a different way and to learn about my own mind while learning about theirs. We finally chose a launch date (this past Monday) and now it’s a thing that’s in the universe. And will continue to be in the universe as we release each episode.

All from an idea written on a post-it note.

Keep pens and paper around to write down your ideas. It’s exhilarating to see an idea become a reality.

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Man shakes his fist at God, God shakes the earth in response

Jeremy Young was never a religious man. So imagine his surprise when he walked off the train last Saturday into a rainstorm, shook his fist at the sky and cursed, imagine his surprise when the earth beneath him began shaking.

“As long as I shook my fist, I felt the earth below shaking right back,” Young explained. “I even stopped a couple times, and the second I raised my fist and made a sound, there was a slight quake. Like God was saying ‘nip it in the bud’ or something,” he added.

Rodney Wong, a passerby, saw the entire incident. “It was just the earth beneath the guy who was cursing the heavens. And the moment he stopped, the mini-quake stopped, too.”

God’s press secretary, who said God had to decline an interview because of his busy schedule, simply stated, “Let’s just say, the big guy’s getting somewhat crotchety in his old age. People have no patience for him anymore, so he’s been playing more practical jokes than he has in a couple thousand years. If it’s raining, it’s probably not because he wants you to have a bad day, but more likely because somebody somewhere needs some rain. He’s done worse in the past, let’s be honest. At least this is milder than a huge flood or fire or bees all over the place or something! I mean, let’s put this all in perspective, ok?”

With that simple angry, impatient gesture, Jeremy Young became a believer. And a more patient person. And, just a little, God-fearing.