Episode 53: Friendship – Show Notes

old cowboy

In this episode of Femoir: The Podcast, I start with a story about my grandpa saying, “I’m particular about my company.” From all the pictures I’ve seen, he looked a lot like this guy.

I talked about how I didn’t experience a lot of cliques in the schools I went to while growing up. Those schools were Sycamore School and BJPS, for anyone interested.

I also talk about how grateful I am to some of the friends in my life. For anyone who missed it, here are some of the articles I’ve written recently:

My Bop, Love Letter, Making Dreams Come True, Lucky Lady

I also referenced my web series I’m filming that so many friends are involved with. It’s called The Other Client List. Check it out!

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Grandpa Fight

This happened. For real.

I was sitting on the leg press machine at my gym between sets. An old man approached me and asked if he could use the machine. I was between sets, so I said I was using it.

See, when you lift, you have to give yourself a little rest period between sets to let your muscles recover. This is usually the case. Sometimes people change it up depending on their specific goals, but usually you do a few sets of stuff and you rest between each one.

I was resting.

He asked to use the machine.

That’s what I told him.

He then yelled at me and told me because I had my phone in my hand (I don’t have a handy dandy phone holder to workout with… yet).

So I yelled back.

I’ve written about this before. I’m not the friendliest in the morning. I’m a bit edgy if I haven’t eaten breakfast (or written). Those things calm me down. I didn’t like the tone he was taking. So I sassed him back.

He was condescending me. As if to say I didn’t know what I was doing there. So I yelled back.

I also yelled because I wanted to make sure the people around knew he was being a dick to me. And because he’s an old man, so I didn’t know how good his hearing was.

I told him he could use it quickly after I finish my next set. And that I was indeed resting between sets. And that I know what the eff I’m doing on these machines.

He sat on a machine next to me and bitched with another old guy who said, “I leave my phone in the car when I workout.” I had taken my headphones out at this point to listen to them. After my set, I told his friend, “Every generation is different. Mine doesn’t judge. And you don’t need your phone with you. You’re retired and don’t listen to podcasts. So it’s understandable you wouldn’t have it with you.” His friend just smiled at me. He obviously didn’t expect me to fight back.

I’m a college educated, highly intelligent, strong-willed, hard-working woman who’s been taught to respect others and expect the same. I’m a different generation than the young women he grew up with. They had a different culture and different expectations. And I won’t just back down when being condescended to.

So I glared his friend down who darted his eyes after I told him off. And turned to glare to the old man as he used the leg press machine.

Then I got on and did twice what he did… just to make a point.

Again… all this could have probably been avoided if I had just had breakfast before working out.


Needless to say, I’m not making new friends easily at my gym.