Welp… That Was Embarrassing

I thought my old terrible gym that was being completely remodeled was reopened. I was so excited! Just in time for the new year! I can get back on my old schedule instead of this early bird stuff! I don’t have to fight for parking! So much less stress! Hurrah!

The only reason I thought it was open was because I drove by a couple times and the lights were on and it seemed to be open.

So in my mind, it must be open. I got ready in the morning, put on my gym clothes, grabbed my gym bag, and went to the gym.

When I got there, I was so surprised at how nobody was there yet and there was still so much construction. Rather than thinking, “Oh… maybe it’s not open…” I thought, “Gee! I’m so lucky nobody’s realized it’s opened yet! I’ll get to have it all to myself!”

And when I saw the construction crews still working, I didn’t think “Oh, look, still under construction… maybe not open…” I thought, “Gee, I wonder how that will affect the people clearly working out inside!”

So I walked in and tried to hand my membership card to the lady at the desk. Then and only then did I realize it wasn’t open.

And that’s because she said, “Oh, we’re not open yet.”

I looked around. It was empty. It looks pretty and will be nice when it finally does reopen. So I just said, “Oh… right. That makes sense I guess.”

I could have called. I could have gone online. I could have used my handy dandy app to figure out if it’s ready. There are so many things I could have done to double-check.

Instead I just showed up in all my gear and looked like a doofus.

Oh, well. I guess I’ll call ahead next time to find out when they’re officially reopening.

And even then, I might wait another week just to be safe.

My Dearest Gym Bag,

I am so sorry you’ve gone unused the past few days. You’ve come with me every single day this week. You’ve had the same clothes and towel and shoes in you begging to be used. You’ve waited patiently in my trunk for me to stop at the gym so you can shine.

But I’ve been an asshole and haven’t used you since Tuesday.

I’m sorry.

It’s not that I don’t want to, gym bag, it’s just… it’s been a rough week.

I had some other life things going on that made the schedule pretty packed. Then I got a little cold and chose rest over working out. Then… well, I just got busy.

Don’t take it personally gym bag. I haven’t forgotten you there. I see you, sweetheart. I promise to use you very soon.

It’s not you, gym bag. It’s me.

Keep waiting patiently. You’ll be rewarded with being stuffed in a locker then filled with sweaty shirts and towels very soon.

Lots of love,