Crop Top

crop topI never thought I could pull off a crop top. I mean, look at this guy. I don’t look like him!

Growing up, I was always most self-conscious about my stomach. It’s where I hold most of my weight. It’s the last thing to start toning out when I am getting in shape. I’m not shaped like a tiny slender stomached chick. I’m more athletic (when at my best) so only making major cuts and really going out of my way to work it make a difference.

I’ve gone on about this before.

But as I’ve gotten slowly more confident with my body and pushed the limits of my own shape… I’ve ventured out in my dress too. I’ve actually worn crop tops on occasion.

I feel so naughty for even admitting it! AH!

I’m from Indiana. We don’t wear crop tops there. I certainly never wore them or even considered such a dramatic clothing choice. But I’ve slowly let the land of the people who are more bold and confident with their body and clothing seep into my own thinking. I’m not saying my shirts are that short… but sometimes a little tummy can peek out. And I don’t get self-conscious. And I’m proud of that. Not because I look like a photoshopped fitness model. But because I look good. And I work on it.

But more importantly, I work constantly on being ok with me. So if that means wearing modest crop tops without embarrassment because they make me sort of feel like a rockstar, so be it. Bring on the scissors. I’ve got a tiny sliver of stomach to let peep out.

“Make it walk”: Project Runway slip up leads to new challenge for designers

“Make it work” has become Tim Gunn’s famous catchphrase from the Bravo hit designer show, Project Runway. Several times an episode, the co-host and fashion expert becomes overly concerned about a designer’s ability to finish the project they were given in the proper amount of time in order for it to be ready. His eyebrow raises and he huffs, “make it work,” melodically as if his conversation helped the designer in an already stressful challenge situation.

However, during last week’s episode Gunn slipped up. Rather than uttering the phrase that has made him famous, he raised his eyebrow and accidentally said, “make it walk.” There was a pause between he and the designer. Gunn took a moment and simply said, “You know what I mean,” and walked on.

The slip up caused such a commotion amongst both the designers and those who watch the show religiously, that the next episode brought a completely new challenge for each designer. They were tasked with actually making their clothes into creatures that could walk. For this special challenge, they were given a bit extra time. They had 36 hours.

They were tasked with creating life. And life that met a certain standard of beauty.

The episode was a disaster as every single designer failed to create clothing that could walk on its own. The show’s host and star, Heidi Klum, turned her German accent on thick as she talked about how disappointed she was.

“Creating life is not that difficult, people,” she said. “From the time I found out about the challenge to today, I have already gotten pregnant and had a child who can walk down the catwalk flawlessly.” She shook her head disappointed in each of the designers, adding, “It’s not that difficult.”

“There is nothing wrong with the idea of infusing life into clothing,” Gunn said. “If there were, I wouldn’t have come up with it in the first place.”

After a disappointing 36 hours, it will be interesting to see where the rest of the season goes.