Even Legal Aliens from Planet Galaxar Feel Discriminated

Li^er*>T and W^o^:)n came to the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy from their home planet Galaxar following all interplanetary protocol. They are, technically, legal aliens.

The pair moved here to start a new life together. Avid lovers of space travel and intergalactic adventure, they’d heard about the planet Earth only in fairy tales and the occasional picture from their ancestors previous visits. After realizing they would not be able to create children because of Li^er*>T’s years of dedication at the local UFO factory, they decided their best bet would be to start anew in a completely different galaxy. Upon first seeing pictures of adorable human children, they decided Earth would be their new home.

However, within months of settling into their cottage in a remote part of Arizona, they began to experience discrimination from the townsfolk. W^o^:)n noticed she would get very poor service at Wal Mart, often waiting in the longest line only to have the cashier go on break before she could ring up her items. Despite the fact that both Galaxians speak perfect English, their robotic voices have caused more than one local to taunt them by saying “Go home” or “We don’t want your kind here.”

The passage of Arizona’s latest immigration bill, and specifically the wording of the bill and it’s supporters, has made the couple more wary. As technical aliens, they could come under all sorts of scrutiny by government agencies and have to go through huge amounts of paperwork to prove that they came to this planet legally. It is a pain they are not looking forward to.

They claim to be in talks with the Men In Black to help them with their legal and safety issues.