I did it! … but ouch

My Runner’s World Quote of the Day was perfectly appropriate for the day after a very difficult race.

Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It teaches us to push beyond where we thought we could go. It helps us to find out what we are made of. This is what we do. This is what it’s all about. – Patti Sue Plumer, U.S. Olympian

Basic recap- that thing was extremely difficult. It was, as promised, excruciatingly hilly. But the weather was perfect (no sun, perfect wind, crisp air) and there were plenty of water stations. My knees stopped wanting to hold my body up. I got floppy and sloppy for the last two miles. I managed to dig deep and finish while accelerating, but if there is any truth in the above quote, it turns out I’m made of whiney floppiness with just a hint of stubborn pride. Whatever that means.

Today- the day after- my body is sore and I’m eating a ton and letting it rest.

Tomorrow- the day after the day after- I start a new workout regimen for six weeks. Focus on weight training with only the occasional run. Booyeah. If I made huge body strides, I’ll post pictures. If I don’t, I won’t. Because I’m vain and not in this to look a fool.

Speaking of awesome-looking-ness, check out this picture I took during the race. We climbed that hill in the background. It never ended.

Until, of course, it did.


Rock on.

Expo time!

The La Jolla Half is here… despite my body being incredibly unprepared for it. Last race felt so good, I promised myself I wouldn’t drink the weekend before a race because I wanted to feel that good again. Unfortunately, I decided not to train very well for this one and will hopefully just finish. In order to cope with that, I’ve decided to drink. Lots.

Had a beer last night. Had champagne this morning. Will probably have wine with dinner tonight.

So now I go with a buzz from my champagne to pick up my packet at the expo*. And resign to my fate of a very difficult morning run…



*I have a designated driver. I’m not that pathetic, people.

I’m nailing those rest days.

Training is fun, folks. And you know what else is fun? Life.

You know what’s difficult? Doing both flawlessly.

I have a little under a month before my next race (the La Jolla Half Marathon. Check out the elevation map. Shoot me now…) and I am trying to follow my Hal Higdon Advanced Half Marathon Training programย as best I can.

I am also working hard to pursue my passion as an actor, comedian, writer, and performer.

I am also working hard as a paralegal to pay bills.

I am also working hard to have a life filled with friends and loved ones I can spend quality time with.

Sometimes, all these things come in conflict. A wonderful, joyous, grateful-for-the-opportunity conflict.

As a result, as I look over the past six months of training (for various races), I’ve come to realize, I’m absolutely nailing the rest days. I haven’t missed one yet. As for the other training runs… there are quite a few weeks where I’ve been less than perfect at my training.

But those rest days, man. I’m absolutely nailing them.