Happy 2015!

reasonable logoIt’s finally here! OMG! It’s the new year! It’s upon us! For once I woke up not hungover and well-rested! It’s a miracle! I’m so excited! I love the first day of the New Year! Everybody is in the zone to self-improve and to think about all the ways they can be a better, more well-rounded person in the upcoming year. It’ll only last 2 weeks, but it’s the most fun 2 weeks of the year because I can actually talk to people about goals and the future and finding balance and nerding out on self-improvement books and inspirational quotes! AH!

I, of course, have a bunch of resolutions and goals for the upcoming year. Truth be told, I still need to tweak and solidify many of them. I don’t take this shiz lightly, as my avid readers know. I have a general list of things I want to work on, but I need to go through and make them strong goals- clear, actionable, and reasonable.

One of the biggest ones for me is getting my new business, Reasonable Revolution, off the ground. I’m offering goal coaching and consulting. I help people organize their life, strengthen their goals, keep the accountable for what they’ve promised themselves, and find ways to be more productive and effective on all elements of their life.

I’m really freaking excited about it.

Our mantra is that you can achieve anything you want… as long as you’re reasonable about it.

I’m excited to help people do something that comes naturally to me. And I finally feel like I can give back a little using resources I’ve been (often unknowingly) accumulating for years. It’s my passion. So I’m stoked to share it with you.

But I know that right now everybody’s got great energy and excitement for the near year, so they’ll be working on their goals on their own. But in 2 weeks or so, when you’ve realized you may have bitten off more than you can chew and don’t understand why you’re again not achieving what you set out to do and getting down on yourself… check out Reasonable Revolution. And we can help you get reasonable.


*This was originally just going to be a post about the New Year and how excited I am for it, but I guess I got even more excited about my new Reasonable Revolution business so I kinda went all advertisy on you. 2015 me is already surprising me! Hooray!

Ms. In the Biz Article

I love writing for Ms. In the Biz. I think they’re an awesome online community of inspiring women working hard to make their dreams come true.

Here’s a link to my latest article for them. I hope you take the time to read it and peruse other great articles on the site.

Let Go Of These 3 Things…

Podcast Episode 45: Letting Go (Show Notes)

Hi again friends!

This morning a scrumptious episode 45 of Femoir: The Podcast was uploaded in the new comedy meet self-improvement style we’re trying on for size.

I discuss the idea of letting go through talking about collecting clown tears, early morning babysitting, closet cleaning, and hand cramps.

These podcasts are mentioned:

WTF with Marc Maron

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

On Being with Krista Tippett

These shows are mentioned:

Curb Your Enthusiasm


These books are mentioned:

The Magic Path of Intuition

Write It Down, Make it Happen

Do the Work

This coffee is brewed:

The Organic Coffee Co – Zen Blend

What do you think? What do you want me to talk about?

Email me: Briana@BrianaHansen.com

p.s. Here’s a great video of Thich Nhat Hanh discussing Letting Go

Golf! Who knew?

20140106-091806.jpgSo… it turns out I love to golf. I learned this yesterday. It was very exciting then. It’s still very exciting now. Even just thinking about the next time I can get out on a course is very exciting to me.

And I’m shocked. Because it’s golf. GOLF.

It’s a sport that I have a stand up bit making fun of. I would shake my head when people told me they liked it. I didn’t ever understand why people would watch it. And- to be honest- until yesterday, I wouldn’t have even called it a sport.

Yes! I was mean to golf! You’re daggum right I was! I’m not proud of it! I’m trying to set the record straight!

It turns out, it takes a lot of patience, finesse and athleticism to golf. Sure, it’s not the best cardio workout on the planet. You’re not going to shred pounds while golfing. But you are going to connect with your mind and body. And golf etiquette is going to keep you off your phone (for the most part), so you’ll unplug for a couple hours from the rest of the world. And golf courses are super scenic and pretty, so you can be outside in nature for a while. And other golfers are polite. And it’s quiet. It’s… awesome.

I was nervous beforehand because I had no idea what to expect. But I had a great coach/golfmate who helped me with my swing and helped me understand strategy and helped me learn etiquette (and even was sweet enough to get me an official golf glove so I could look totally cool!). Plus, we went to a course that was pretty easy-going. People didn’t seem to take themselves all that seriously. Before we even got started, some old man handed me some extra balls he found on the practice putting green. When I told him it was my first time golfing he said, “Just have fun. That’s all you have to remember.”

And I did have fun. Even though I hit several balls into a lake and nearly hit an innocent person sitting on a bench on a different hole because I swung way too hard and didn’t get anywhere near my own hole. It was fun the whole time.

I can’t wait to get back out there. Especially since golf outfits are friggin’ amazing. And given my own outlandish and eclectic taste, I finally have a place where I can wear whatever I want and not get judged for it.

Like this guy:

golf pants

I know he’s probably someone very famous in golf (because he came up a bunch on my google searches). But I didn’t take the time to do my research on it yet.

I just started yesterday, you guys. Gimme a little break.

I can’t wait to get out there again. I was getting better every hole with every stroke. I started understanding strategy and the benefit of the different clubs. I still don’t completely get it by any means- but that just comes with time and practice.

Not to mention, afterwards you can totally splurge on beer and cigars. If that’s your style. At least it makes you look badass in pictures.

Go Big to Go Small

For the New Year, I’m shifting my focus in my workouts. I’ve mentioned before that it’s good for the body to change up your workout… but I’ve also mentioned that I don’t tend to do it because I like getting in the zone with a routine.

But that’s changing! This year, I’m going for total body workouts every time I lift. I want to hit every one of the major muscle groups in cycles and then when I’ve done that for three to four weeks, shift up the exercises. My goal is to be more dynamic and creative about my workouts. I’ve enlisted some big help for that, too. It’s always good to have a little help when you’re making big changes. I’ll probably eventually share what the help is… but for now it’s nonofyodayomb’iness.

I’m also starting on New Years with a major diet shift. I’m going to be downloading everything I eat into my (new free) Workout Buddy app that has already calculated the calories I need to get the weight I want. Again, I’ve enlisted major help with this. So as it continues, I’ll also keep you updated.

For me, the most important part of any goal is having an emotional response as to why you want to do it. I have two emotional investments in my goal of slimming down and toning up:

1. I want to get to the next level in my career and I’m lucky (though some would say unlucky) enough to be pursuing a world that cares what you look like and how your body looks. I want to give myself every advantage by having a slender, athletic body.

2. On the nutrition side (the one that’s much harder for me to follow through with), the help I’ve enlisted is also going to be doing the diet with me. So both of us are going to be watching what we eat and calculating it together. And if I have any questions, I can just ask. And when I want to cheat, I know I’m cheating myself and my partner. It’s an accountability buddy. And one I like being around and I’m grateful for the help from… so I don’t want to just take it for granted.

So these are my two little fitness shifts I’m focusing on in the New Year.

I’m excited to see what comes of it.

Figured it out… at least temporarily

Alright faithful podcast friends!

I’ve figured out what I’m going to do with this thing- at least until the end of the year. I am going to do weekly podcasts in December as promised. And each of them are going to be the “Best Of’s.” I’m going to compile my favorite rap songs AND sketches AND characters AND MAYBE commercials from the past year into 4 different podcasts. And release them throughout the next month.

And that way, I can figure out what we’re gonna do with this sucker for next year.

They’ll come out every Wednesday or so over the month of December.